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Congregation Church Council
Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
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Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month

Giles Ennis President
Ricky McDonald Vice President
Jeanne Powell Secretary
Larry Scheneman Treasurer
Harold Adams Property Committee
Ricky McDonald Lawn Maintenance  
Interim Pastor Delmer Chilton

The congregation church council has oversight of the life and activities of the congregation and is responsible for all financial and property matters.

In 2007, the congregation church council led the charge of designing, purchasing and installing stained glass windows throughout the church. The project was completed early in December and the windows were dedicated in January 2008.

The sanctuary lighting and replacing the heating and air conditioning system in the church building was completed in 2008.

In 2009, the church council coordinated the celebration of the church's 85th Anniversary. The celebratory service was led by Bishop Bolick.